iTV Foundation

The ITV foundation has been established with a vision to facilitate access to quality health care for the extremely poor and vulnerable sections of our society. Towards this goal, we organise free medical camps; where we work with qualified doctors and other foundations to provide medical care and financial assistance to achieve the goal for better health care for all. The ITV foundation initiative began in April 2017 and since its inception the foundation has been working at the grassroots.

Japanese Encephalitis and its eradication is our core project which impacts thousands of children today. Along with this, the foundation works in areas such as cancer awareness and early detection, drug eradication and rehabilitation, tuberclosis detection and eradication. Children are the main focus of our foundation. Our Helpline 'Bal Sahyog' is a platform where people can share their personal stories and we assist them financially so that together we can fight diseases better. Our objective is to be the 'ENABLER' and act as an interface between children, various organisations and individuals who want to make a difference and contribute. The ITV foundation will also work on initiatives that are central to disease prevention namely sanitation awareness, working on water conservation and saving our lifeline - our rivers.